Podcast: Star Trek Discovery vs. The Orville

A new episode of my monthly podcast, Roundtable Reviews, is now available on my YouTube channel. Roundtable Reviews is a series where me and two other expert guests analyze a movie or TV show from a narrative (writing) perspective.

This month’s episode tackles not just one, but TWO competing sci-fi TV series. Yes, in this episode, we analyse both The Orville and Star Trek Discovery!

My guests this episode are JP from the fantastic The Orville fan channel Egotastic Funtime. JP is an Orville superfan and one of the leading YouTubers who delivers news about all things Orville. My other distinguished guest is Nick Ketwolski, who runs a great YouTube channel devoted to all things Star Trek. The insights and perspectives these two great analysts bring to the table are incredibly interesting, and I hope you enjoy them!

This episode had SO MUCH stuff to discuss, that it runs a bit long – approximately 2hrs 30min long! But trust me, it’s worth listening to, especially if you’re a fan of either series (and even if you’re not!).

What do you think of the Podcast? Let me know in the comments!

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