GameTrailers Website Shuts Down For Good

gametrailersKotaku is reporting that the website is shutting down after 13 years of operation.

In the mid-00s, as video game marketing moved on from magazine previews to flashy video trailers, Gametrailers (and to a lesser extent 1UP’s in-house competitor Gamevideos) were the gaming community’s best resource for clips of video games.

Of course, in the years since, things have changed dramatically. YouTube emerged as the internet’s primary resource for all videos, including game trailers, while other companies like Twitch have pioneered a whole new way for gamers to watch stuff online.

In 2014, Defy Media purchased Gametrailers and laid a number of employees off.

While it’s easy to point to the site’s demise as something to be expected, given its competition and current place in the market, anyone around today who used to stay glued to the site during E3 (or around the time of game reveals) for its exclusive clips will be sad to see it go.

This announcement came as a shock to many gamers, who actually still referred to the site for game reviews and other game-related news.  But alas, the site simply couldn’t keep up with the rest of the competition.  YouTube and Twitch are just too dominant nowadays.

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