Charlie’s Angels Collide With Political Stupidity

Is Charlie's Angels stupid?

Have you ever heard an SJW recite, “All art is political?”  If not, try Googling the phrase in quotes and you’ll see it scattered throughout the internet. 

 It’s a phrase that SJWs routinely bark at normal people as a way to excuse imposing their moronic politics into every cultural facet of life.  But the primary reason that the SJW believes all art to be political, is because they themselves are incapable of producing art without politics.  This, of course, is because SJWs are political activists first and foremost.  Being a genuine artist is a very distant second for the SJW.  So they can’t imagine a world where my grandmother’s macrame art is apolitical.  

All an SJW can see are Nazis blowing dog whistles.

This makes the statement published in a recent Collider article, all the more perplexing.  Sydney Bucksbaum wrote:

“In 2019, we can’t afford to not get political, even with escapist entertainment.”


Does this then mean that there are times that they can afford to not get political?  If there are times when they can afford to not get political, then how can all art be political?  Is the art made in times when they can afford to not get political, also political art?  If the art that is made in times when they can afford to not get political is not political art, then how can all art be political?

This is why it’s so very easy for normal people to see that SJWs give no thought to the definitions of the words they use if they ever knew what the definitions were to begin with.  They only give thought to the sing-song quality of the prose in their hyperbole.  This, of course, means that all of their hyperbole is as empty as their heads.  

Charlie's Angels, 2019
Charlie’s SJWs struggle to read the script.

But at the end of the day, we all knew where this train wreck was going the moment we saw Kristen Stewarts silly haircut, didn’t we?

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