Blomkamp Gives Update On ‘RoboCop Returns’

Your move, Creep.

Back in 2014, the RoboCop franchise was rebooted with actor Joel Kinnaman as everyone’s favorite “Half Man, Half Machine, All Cop”. Unfortunately, the new RoboCop failed to set the box office on fire, pulling in only $58 million at the domestic box office.

Though the film ultimately did okay worldwide, it failed to really catch on the way the original RoboCop did back in the 80s. Though the reboot was sleek and modern, it lacked a lot of the raw grittiness and satirical humor from the original that made that RoboCop such a classic.

So instead of commissioning a sequel to that milquetoast reboot, MGM seems to have decided it is going to make a sequel to the ORIGINAL RoboCop instead, since… you know… people actually liked that one. (Never mind that we already have 2 sequels to that movie, I guess we’re supposed to pretend those don’t exist – which actually isn’t a bad idea when it comes to RoboCop 3, anyway.)

The new RoboCop film is titled RoboCop Returns, and is being overseen by director Neill Blomkamp, who has quite the sci-fi pedigree under his belt with films such as District 9, Elysium, and Chappie. He was also supposed to direct a HALO feature film, which never happened, though he did make a short film/commercial for the video game ANTHEM (which had nothing to do with the game, apparently). Regardless, Blomkamp has some directing chops, and so long as RoboCop Returns isn’t overburdened with South African accents, the outlook for the film being good seems strong.

In an article from Screenrant, Blomkamp actually gave us quite a bit of details for his upcoming take on RoboCop. Here are some of the important takeaways…

  • RoboCop Returns is based on a previously unused RoboCop 2 draft from original writers Michael Miner and Ed Neumeier, and rewritten by Justin Rhodes, who also wrote the script for the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate
  • Blomkamp’s sequel would be R-rated. (None of this PG-13 nonsense like in 2014.)
  • Blomkamp plans on handling RoboCop Returns as though original director Paul Verhoeven himself was back in the director’s chair.
  • Blomkamp will not be utilizing the updated RoboCop look from the 2014 film, opting to go with the design from the original film instead.

So, so-far-so-good on the RoboCop front. The last time this “sequel/soft reboot” strategy was tried was with Superman Returns, which attempted to continue the story of the Richard Donner Superman films, with extremely mixed (and some would argue poor) results. Can Blomkamp pull it off? Possibly. It is a hard prospect to follow a director like Paul Verhoven, who is notorious for his graphic violence, sex, and biting satire.

Here’s what we know about the story of RoboCop Returns, via IMDB:

Robocop must defeat Clarence Bodiker who gets resurrected into a machine with one destroy all of Detroit. With the help of Emil and Louis, Robocop must go to extreme lengths to ensure the survival of his loved ones and defeat his greatest foe yet.

Hopefully Blomkamp’s take on RoboCop will be good. What do you think? Are you excited for a new RoboCop? Or are you totally over all these reboots/remakes? Let us know in the comments!

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